Spring: a twisted piece of metal that can be pushed, pressed or pulled but which always returns to its original shape or position afterwards.

Rejection is inevitable in every stage of our lives. But what if this inevitability were a tool? What if it could be used as leverage to spring forward at every setback? What if there was a way to systematically process rejection and become a super-spring?

Ambi Parameswaran - best-selling author, brand / leadership coach and former CEO of FCB-Ulka Advertising was rejected at his dream job interviews, he was denied promotions and clients turned down his business pitches. He now knows that he eventually succeeded because of these rejections and the way he handled them.

Spring is packed with tales of rejection and redemption. Walt Disney, The Beatles, Thomas Alva Edison, Michael Jordan, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the founders of Infosys, Author Amish and others have used rejections as a pivot to swing their careers and businesses around.

Ambi brings his decades of experience to bear on perhaps the vital life and career lesson you could learn from rejection. In Spring, he puts a gentle arm around your shoulders and helps you bounce back stronger than ever from every rejection.