Brand Building Advertising Case Book 2

This book is a second book in the several of case study books Draftfcb Ulka, one of India’s top five marketing communication groups will be supporting, as a part of its endeavour to share learning with the young professionals in the industry and students of marketing and advertising.

All the cases featured in this book are based on real life brands handled by the various teams at Draftfcb Ulka Advertising. These cases have been used extensively in internal training programmes and some have also been ‘tested’ in brand management courses taught by the authors at various business schools.

To set the tone of the book the first chapter gives a snapshot of the advertising process.

Draftfcb Ulka was one of the first marketing communication groups in the country to set up a dedicated brand consulting division Cogito Consulting. In addition to handling client assignments, the division also conducts projects to understand the changing dynamics of the Indian consumer. These studies are published in Cogito Journal, a controlled circulation publication. Some of these articles are timeless and we have included three on the articles that deal with interesting topics such as, ‘How Advertising Works’, ‘Celebrity Endorsements’ and ‘Promotions in Car Marketing’!

The book features 12 cases broadly classified into three groups: consumer products, consumer durables and services. It should be noted that the fundamentals of brand building adverting are common across all types of products, but the nuances change with product class (high involvement-low involvement), competitive scenario etc.

To set the template for each group we have provided a chapter highlighting some of the key issues involved with the creation of brand building consumer product advertising, consumer durable advertising and services advertising.

The book also provides a glossary of common advertising terms.

It should be noted that all the cases featured in the book are drawn from the archives of the agency, dating back five years to a full decade. Many of the brands featured here have grown dramatically over the last 10 years and the case is not a reflection of the current reality of these brands. But the basic fundamentals of creating brand building advertising shown in these cases are as applicable today as they were four or ten years ago.

Another key feature of the book is that almost all the cases featured here are for brand campaigns that have won accolades in various industry forums, especially the Advertising Effectiveness Awards.

The book has been written in a very readable form with a lot of visual material and can be read by a management student as well as by a working non-MBA executive.

When the first book, FCB-Ulka Brand Building Advertising – Concepts and Cases was published in 2001, only one other book was available that had been written by a practicing Indian executive featuring real  life marketing cases (S. Sengupta – Brand Positioning). We are happy to report in the last 10 years we have seen numerous marketing/ branding books by Indian executives that have hit the book shelves. We have drawn inspiration from all of them, and in no particular order, Rama Bijapurkar, Ram Sehgal, Santosh Desai, Ivan Arthur, \Kurien Mathew, Jayanta Sengupta, A.G. Krishnamurthy, R, Sridhar, Anand Halve, Sanjay Tiwari, Ramesh Narayan Arpita Menon....all deserve our thanks.

We do hope the next decade will see a lot more material on Indian brands and Indian markets made available to students and young executives.

Chapter 1 Advertising Today

Chapter 2 The Method to the Madness: FCB Grid

Chapter 3 Twinkling Stars!

Chapter 4 Do Promotions Sway Brand Choice in Car Purchase?

Chapter 5 Tropicana: Creating a New Taste Paradigm

Chapter 6 Amul: The Real Winner

Chapter 7 Mint-O-fresh: Market Ko Karna Hai Impress!

Chapter 8 Zod! Are You Game?

Chapter 9 Tata Indica: The Car that Changed the Market

Chapter 10 Tata Indigo: An Indian Sedan that Spoilt an Entire Nation

Chapter 11 Compaq: Colour My E-life

Chapter 12 Whirlpool

Chapter 13 Whirlpool Refrigerators: Chills to Thrill!

Chapter 14 – Guess You Have Heard of Them!

Chapter 15 UTI Mutual Funds Ltd: Welcome to UTI Country

Chapter 16 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd: Truly Global

Chapter 17 Zee Cinema: Bringing Alive Movie, Masti, Magic

"Marketers all over the world are interested in learning about advertising and branding in India.  Fortunately, M.G.Parameswaran and Kinjal Medh have assembled a comprehensive and insightful set of case studies that are sure to enlighten and motivate readers everywhere.“

- Kevin Lane Keller,
E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing,
Amos Tuck School of Business,
at Dartmouth College


The second book of case studies comes as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Ulka (now Draftfcb Ulka)in India being commenmorated as ’50 Years of Celebrating BrandWealth’.

The book reiterates the agency’s promise of advertising that creates ‘Brand-Wealth’, as does a Web site the agency has created:

- Gokul Krisnamurthy,
Business Line

Ads that Changed India

The second Case Book by Draftfcb + Ulka looks at the years when the Indian consumer began to assert herself.

- Business India

There is nothing fast or easy about building a strong brand — persistent champions of branding will vouch for that. In their book Brand Building Advertising, authors MG Parameswaran, executive director, and CEO, Mumbai, of Draftfcb Ulka Advertising and Kinjal Medh, COO, Cogito Consulting, have put together the learnings from a series of case studies that have put some companies and products on the brand map

- Business Standard

The book is available in hard cover (Rs. 625/-). The book is available from all reputed book sellers and to order it on the web visit

Brand Building Advertising Case Book 2