Understanding Consumers

Who is my consumer? Why does she buy my brand?
Why would she continue to buy it?

Answers to these and many such posers are critical to creating the building blocks of successful brands.

Understanding Consumers: Building Powerful Brands Using Consumer Research aims to help marketers understand the process of creating a template to find answers to the many questions, by using marketing research.

Unlike the many books on marketing research, written for practitioners by experts, this book is unique as it is written by an author who has used marketing research over a twenty-year career.

Written from a practical perspective, the book touches upon brand-building and buyer behaviour issues before covering the various aspects of marketing research.

The book also covers among others:

  • The complexities of buyer behaviour, both from the consumer and the organizational buyer perspective
  • How marketing research is used to understand consumers
  • Several useful appendices including secondary data sources, qualitative research (discussion guides), quantitative research (questionnaires), and a glossary of terms.

With this coverage the book will enable:

  • A practicing manager to easily and effectively use marketing research more effectively in the day-to-day function of selling products and building brand values
    Students of marketing to get a bird’s eye view of buyer behaviour and the marketing research process.

Chapter 1. Understanding Consumers

Chapter 2. Understanding the Organisational Buyer

Chapter 3. Understanding Consumers through Marketing Research

Chapter 4. Information from Secondary Sources

Chapter 5. Information through primary data collection

Chapter 6. Qualitative Research for Understanding consumers

Chapter 7. Quantitative Research for Understanding Consumers

Chapter 8. Sampling Methods

Chapter 9. Questionnaire for quantitative Research

Chapter 10. Analysis Methods

Chapter 11. Understanding Consumers: Going Beyond Research

Chapter 12. Secondary Data Sources

Chapter 13. Recommended Readings

Chapter 14. Qualitative Research: Discussion Guides

Chapter 15. Quantitative

Chapter 16. Research: Questionnaires

Chapter 17. Cases

Chapter 18. Glossary of Terms

“Media Advertising per capita in India is less than one percent of the level in the United States.  From this huge disparity, it seems very difficult to imagine that the standard of advertising in India is extremely high.  The business is practiced by a number of first class agencies, which offer strategic thinking and creative solutions of a very high calibre.  Mr. Parameswaran’s book Understanding Consumers gives an excellent insight into the quality of thinking in Indian advertising agencies.  It should be instructive to a non-Indian audience as well as to practitioners in the sub-Continent.”

- John Philip Jones, Professor, Syracuse University, New York


“It will make a useful starting point for students. The explanations are lucid and Parameswaran takes pains to cite Indian examples wherever possible. The appendices deserve special mention. Here, readers will find templates on how to conduct in-depth interviews, quantitative surveys and focus group discussions.”

- Business World

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Understanding Consumers