Ride the change

This book is a compilation of articles published in various business publications over a period of ten years. The book traces the post-liberalization era changes in Indian markets in general and advertising in particular, and provides rich insights into diverse products and consumer behavior patterns More specifically, it is aimed at alerting entrepreneurs, managers, market researchers/analysts and advertising professionals to the changes in customer behavior, markets and marketing strategies and also at changing their `market thinking? to `deliver better results in the market place.?

The book is lucid, written in an interactive, or rather conversational style, and is meant for light reading. It is also fairly well-organized, and each section ends with a set of self-help questions to test the `CQ (Change Quotient)? of entrepreneurs and managers, i.e., their understanding of trends, structure, and geographical extent of markets; competition and competitors? strategies; innovation; marketability and reach of products and services and their delivery systems; consumer profiles and preferences; promotional role of media; recruitment, training and team building; brand building and advertising management etc.

Section I: Changing Consumers

  1. Post-Liberators: Are We Ready to Speak their Language?
  2. In the Name of the Father
  3. The Consumer is Not Your Wife
  4. Movies Weave their Magic Once More
  5. Desperate housewives of India yearn to Do More for Families
  6. Of Planned Purchases, Shopping Lists and Modern Retail Formats
  7. The Low Involvement Hurdle
  8. Talkative Indian Fuel Mobile Phone Revolution

Section II: Changing Markets

  1. Will the Growth Momentum Last?
  2. Snack Whack
  3. A Shop that Sells Shops
  4. To Be or Not to Be
  5. The Massification of Luxury
  6. Think Big: A New Angle to the Price-Value Equation
  7. Marketing Plastic Money

Section III: Changing Marketing

  1. Making Marketing Measure Up
  2. Making Marketing Magical Again
  3. The Changing Face of branding: Can You Face It?
  4. Not Playing by the Rules
  5. Innovation Networking for Net Results
  6. The Flypaper for Associations
  7. Eight Steps to Eight Seconds
  8. Integrating in a Disintegrating World

Section IV: Changing Advertising

  1. Getting the Best Out of Your Advertising Agency!
  2. Building a Better India-With Better Advertising
  3. Advertising-Cinderella or Sita?
  4. Managing Advertising through Economic Turbulence
  5. A Value Proposition
  6. A Voice in the Boardroom
  7. Looking for the Right Ad Agency
  8. How to Become the Favourite Client
  9. Who has the Last Word?
  10. Tight Briefs Fit Better
  11. Judging Creative
  12. Who Needs Client Servicing?
  13. Winds of Change
  14. 3Ms of Advertising 2010

Ride The Change is an anecdotal and breezy commentary on the world’s most pluralistic society and bewildering market place. Through an apt compilation of articles, Ambi captures the evolution of the Brand India in terse and uniquely evocative words.

Executive Director, Tata Sons Ltd.


‘Ambi’ Parameswaran combines up-to-date market research with and incisive and expert capacity to detect and categorize new social trends in a globalizing India. This book will be invaluable to anyone who wants to grasp on one of the most dynamic emerging markets.

After Television and, Professor,
Media Studies, New York, University


What is most interesting about Ambi’s articles on advertising and marketing is the sheer range of topics covered. The articles are engaging, informative, educative and written in an easy-to-read style. A must read!

Psephologist, Editorial Advisor, NDTV Profit


This is a book with a difference. Mastery of subject, phenomenal powers of observation and analysis and a captivating style of writing together bring some timeless truths to the experts and learners alike.


Ambi in his latest book, Ride the Change, draws the reader in with his easy style. But far from being light, one soon finds both useful tips and thought-provoking insights on a changing India. The book is a great read.

Distinguished Professor of Marketing
Syracuse University

Ride the change