Strategic Brand Management

Prof Kevin Lane Keller’s Strategic Brand Management is the most widely used text book on Brand Management in the world. For the Indian version of the text book, Prof Keller collaborated with Ambi Parameswaran and Prof Isaac Jacob [KJ Somaiya Institute] to help the text book have relevant Indian content. The Indian version of Strategic Brand Management contains more than 40 Indian brands featured in it.

PART I : Opening Perspectives

  • Chapter 1 : Brands and Brand Management

PART II : Developing a Brand Strategy

  • Chapter 2 : Customer-based Brand Equity and Brand Positioning
  • Chapter 3 : Brand Resonance and the Brand Value Chain

PART III : Designing and Implementing Brand Marketing Programs

  • Chapter 4 : Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity
  • Chapter 5 : Designing Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity
  • Chapter 6 : Integrating Marketing Communications to Build Brand Equity
  • Chapter 7 : Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations to Build Brand Equity

PART IV : Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance

  • Chapter 8 : Developing a Brand Equity Measurement and Management System
  • Chapter 9 : Measuring Sources of Brand Equity: Capturing Customer Mind-Set
  • Chapter 10 : Measuring Outcomes of Brand Equity: Capturing Market Performance

PART V : Growing and Sustaining Brand Equity

  • Chapter 11 : Designing and Implementing Branding Architecture Strategies
  • Chapter 12 : Introducing and Naming New Products and Brand Extensions
  • Chapter 13 : Managing Brands Over Time
  • Chapter 14 : Managing Brands Over Geographic Boundaries and Market Segments

PART VI : Closing Perspectives

  • Chapter 15 : Closing Observations

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Strategic Brand Management